Working in a global era : Canadian perspectives

Working In the Global Era
This collection of articles examines the world of work from a critical, Canadian perspective. The book challenges assumptions about key issues pertaining to work in a global era, and critically assesses explanatory frameworks that attempt to account for the transformation of work. It covers a wide range of topics such and globalization and neo-liberalism, the reorganization of work in the manufacturing and service sectors, precariousness and flexibilization of work, racialization and labour migration, workplace and labour market restructuring, informal care work and work-life balance, and union renewal and alternative organizing strategies. The book explores work transformation from the perspective of a range of workers engaged in different forms of work in a variety of workplaces. The threads that tie together these diverse stories and accounts present a portrait of work under siege as neo-liberal restructuring and globalization establish the contours of people’s experience of work. The articles offer hope for better worlds of work.
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Shalla, Vivian

Vivian Shalla was appointed to the University in 2001 and is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Her research and teaching interests focus on the transformation of work and labour in the airline industry; women?s work and employment; globalization and economic restructuring; and Canadian political economy. She is the recipient of a 2006-2008 Presidential Distinguished Professor Award in recognition of her contributions to teaching, research and service.