Wicked daughters of Portugal

Wicked Daughters of Portugal
When Angus Monroe, a respectable Scottish lawyer, goes to Portugal for his annual visit to an old friend, he never expects to be involved in a murder, especially when he finds out that he is a major suspect. After he hears that the police are planning his arrest, Angus unwisely decides to flee the country. His escape is prevented when he realises that he has run into a trap at the border, where he narrowly escapes the police net. He heads for the one place where he thinks he will be safe—a ruined house near the scene of the crime. There, he runs afoul of those who are really responsible for the murder. Back in Scotland, Mr. Jeremy Bottle, senior clerk of the firm where Angus is a partner, reads an account of the murder in the local newspaper and is shocked to find that the reputation of the firm may be in jeopardy due to the scandal. He decides that, even though he has never been abroad before, it is his duty to investigate the situation on the spot, conscious of the fact that he may not be in time to help in finding Angus. (From amazon.ca)
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Slater, Keith

Keith Slater, Professor Emeritus in Engineering, has published 18 text books and about 350 scientific articles, and presented 150 conference papers in many parts of the world. He is a recipient of the Warner Medal, the world's most prestigious award for published textile research, and holds six patents. His extramural writing includes six novels, over 100 short stories and 25 plays. He has been director or actor in about 150 productions, and has served in an administrative or technical capacity in a dozen local or international textile or theatrical organisations.