Where race does not matter : the new spirit of modernity

Where Race Does Not Matter
Originally intended to be a white man's country, Canada helped develop the prototype for the nation-state that privileged the descendants of Western Europe and marginalized all others, including those who were aboriginal to the land. This is the prototype that also characterized apartheid South Africa. Now, thanks to the policies of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada has done an about-face on race and is the world's first official multicultural country. But race and ethnicity are still serious issues. In Where Race Does Not Matter, Cecil Foster, one of Canada's leading intellectuals, argues that Canada can leave a legacy to the world—a legacy of true multiculturalism where all citizens are generally equal and race truly does not matter. This brilliant polemic challenges the prevailing wisdom about racism and offers a model for the future (from Amazon.com)
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Foster, Cecil

Cecil Foster is an associate professor, sociology and anthropology and the author of several works of fiction and non-fiction, including Where Race Does Not Matter: The New Spirit of Modernity.