When dogs could talk : a novel

When Dogs Could Talk
Charlie Harris and CI Winston Quist, with little hope and less conviction, put their natural suspicion and cynicism aside in an attempt to stop what both believe will be the decimation of their country. What emerges from this decision is a journey through economic collapse, crime, espionage, counter-intelligence, insurrection, civil war, accident, coincidence, psychosis, spree killing, mass murder, and an archetypal genocide. When Dogs Could Talk follows Harris, and those that cross his path, through a year in the life of a city as it seems to prepare itself for a season in hell. Can this be stopped?
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Wellhauser, David

David S. Wellhauser was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Mr. Wellhauser acquired both a Bachelor's and a Master's from the University of Guelph (English Literature). Over the years the author has lived and worked in many countries and travelled in many others. Presently he is an Assistant Professor, in the Department of Liberal Education, at Keimyung University, Daegu, The Republic of Korea. Mr. Wellhauser has lived in East Asia for many years.