When animals are like us : and other moral stories

When Animals Are Like Us
These eight parables, or tales in rhyme, deliver serious social messages to children in a fun and creative way. We visualize the positive actions to be taken on the following themes: be a friend to have a friend; selfishness is silliness; fear is forgotten; life can be good; it is what we can do that matters; we are all able; confidence is catchy and, finally, differences are delightful. Despite positive examples at home and school, children tend to lose sight of the ways and means to be good neighbors and friends. The contents of this book speak not only to children, but to adults alike, about qualities we all wish to instill in our youth.
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Stewart, Heather

Stewart was born the fourth child in a military family. Raised in an environment of change and challenges, Heather soon learned the significance of nurturing friendships and embracing people. Although Heather's formal education is in psychology with guidance specialties, teaching, and human rights training, she feels it is her work with young people, including college students, that is the most rewarding and informative. Her work as a college level lecturer and counselor offers the background for personal development and continued growing awareness of the needs of our youth. During these years, Heather and her husband, Ron, became parents to two bright, active and inquisitive boys. These years afforded the greatest personal development that brought the biggest challenges she ever faced. In her words, “I had to be torn down as an individual in order to be raised as an understanding parent.”