Waterfowl of eastern North America

Eastern North America is home to over 50 species of waterfowl and other "ducklike"? birds. Waterfowl of Eastern North America illustrates the rich diversity among these birds and makes precise identification possible. Over 200 photographs show the birds in their natural environment. The information is concisely organized and includes male/female differences, seasonal plumages and distinctive markings, sound descriptions and range maps.
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Earley, Chris

Chris Earley is the Interpretive Biologist and Education Coordinator for The University of Guelph Arboretum. He graduated from Guelph with a BSc in Zoology in 1992 and started working full time at The Arboretum the same year. He completed a MSc in Environmental Biology from Guelph in 2013. A self-proclaimed "nature geek", he hopes to encourage positive connections between people and the natural world through his work, tours and publications.