Utilization focused evaluation : a primer for evaluators

Utilization focused evaluation
Utilization Focused Evaluation (UFE) facilitates a learning process in which people in the real world apply evaluation findings and experiences to their work. The focus is on intended users. UFE does not prescribe any specific content, method, or theory. It is a guiding framework, rather than a methodology. UFE can include a wide variety of evaluation methods within an overall participatory paradigm. Decision making, in consulation with those who can benefit from the evaluation, is an important part of the proces. Intended users will more likely utilize an evaluation in which they have ownership. This Primer is for practitioner evaluators and project implementers who have heard of UFE and are keen to test-drive the approach.
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Ramirez, Ricardo

Wendy Quarry and Ricardo Ramirez are both independent consultant practitioners in Communication for Development, they have worked together on field projects, evaluations and publications over the last years, and they have been involved in relevant academia and development circles. from Zed Books website