That's entertainment!

That's entertainment!
Inside this book is a collection of scripts written by Erik Mortensen, owner and operator of The Mainstreet Players, including both his produced and yet-to-be produced works. Each play is introduced by Mortensen as he reflects on his inspiration, the writing process, and everything else leading up to opening night. The anthology offers a wide variety: one-act scripts to full-length productions, comedies of both a high and low nature, dramas dealing with contemporary social and world issues, and thrillers that will chill and excite. It's all inside, and it will all leave you saying, "That's Entertainment!"
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Mortensen, Erik

Erik Mortensen lives in Fergus, Ontario and is currently pursuing a double major in History and English at Guelph. He has written several plays and is currently working on screenplays and a second novel, Divine Revolution. He has won the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association Provincial Young Authors award and the Sears Drama Festival Award of Excellence. He owns and operates The Mainstreet Players and writes, directs and produces productions around the Guelph area. Mortensen’s interests focus on the intersection of literature and social change, specifically the ways in which texts interact with and encourage dialogue within our social world. He is a writer, director, producer, stand-up comedian, and actor who enjoys cooking, travel, and film.