Swimming to Fatima

Swimming to Fatima
A cycle of spare, sweet-sad, magical tales. A small girl dreams a house floating away. Lolly loves pink. Walter and Hank conduct a juke-box war. Tessie dances with Sidney Greenstreet. Sadie may or may not have caused Lila to be air-borne. Characters migrate between stories in this odd fictive world. Down-to-earth realism turns out to be not quite real after all. Limited and damaged lives are refracted and transformed, as in a kaleidoscope, by absurdity, by wonder, by magic and desire. As a character in one of these stories reflects, thinking of the last word in Joyce’s Ulysses, the answer to the mystery of life is YES.
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Markle-Craine, Sylvia

Sylvia Markle-Craine has published poetry and short stories. One of her stories in her book won first prize in the Eden Mills Writers' Festival Literary Contest. This is Markle-Craine's first collection of short stories.