Success strategies from women in STEM: A portable mentor 2nd edition

Success strategies from women in STEM: A portable mentor 2nd edition
Success Strategies from Women in STEM: A Portable Mentor, Second Edition is a comprehensive and accessible manual containing career advice, mentoring support and professional development strategies from leading women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. The updated coverage of key topics such as career management, networking, and communication is complemented by new chapters on leadership, negotiation, and social media that recognize the increasingly global and collaborative nature of work in STEM. The book also contains engaging anecdotes and real-life stories that illustrate practical applications of the lessons contained in individual chapters. It is a valuable resource for STEM professionals at any stage of their careers as they develop the professional and personal skills they need to be successful. A companion site provides additional support materials, annotated web links, and authoritative information on the topics addressed in this new edition. Key Features • Preserves the style and tone of the previous edition by bringing together mentors, trainees and early career professionals in a series of conversations about significant topics related to STEM fields, including communication, balance, time management and more. • Identifies strategies that can improve readers’ career success and contains stories to elucidate, engage and inspire. • Provides an enhanced and accessible mentoring manual from successful women engaged in STEM careers.
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Pritchard, Peggy A.

Peggy A. Pritchard is a career information specialist and academic librarian highly experienced in designing and delivering innovative curricula to foster the development of a range of academic literacies and professional competencies. As Learning & Curriculum Support Librarian at the University of Guelph she works collaboratively with faculty colleagues, educational developers, and writing and learning specialists to support undergraduate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and Psychology. She has been formally recognized for excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching at two, top-tier universities in Canada.