Strategic planning for human resources

Strategic planning for human resources
Strategic Planning for Human Resources is a solid first edition in a CHRP core course area for Human Resources at the college and university level. It blends current academic research with applied real-world practice, as reflected in the carefully selected author team of Julie Bulmash, MBA; Elizabeth Speers, Ed.D., of George Brown College; and Nita Chhinzer, Ph.D, of the University of Guelph. The Bulmash et al. text has been written from the ground up in Canada for the Canadian course. All material has been created in the relevant context of the Canadian HR environment. This approach allows the Bulmash text to focus in greater detail on issues of concern to Canadian organizations and to Canadian human resource practitioners. - From the McGraw Hill Ryerson description
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Chhinzer, Nita

Dr. Nita N. Chhinzer is an Assistant Professor of Human Resources at the Department of Business, University of Guelph. She was also appointed the role of Faculty Advisor for the HRM major in June 2007. Her research is concentrated on Strategic Human Resources Management, with a strong focus on downsizing practices, procedures and ethics. Her program of research includes securing a stronger understanding of downsizing activity in the Canadian context, with an aim to effect public policy and legislation regarding layoffs. She has gained international recognition with conference participation including Athens, Greece, Paris, France, and many North American speaking engagements.