Seurat Construct : a novel

Seurat Construct
For Francis Bacon—‘Revenge is a kind of wild justice’. For Sandu Barr,it was all which remained to him in the years since his wife’s enigmatic death. Drawn across cities, countries, and continents by ludic memories andquixotic chimaeras, Sandu is fired by the pursuit of what happened, why, and—above all—for those responsible. Still, he’d no expectation of success until that evening in the industrial basin. The cryptic encounter—hard on the docks—with the figure scuttling down the ruined, derelict streets offered the first genuine opportunity in years. From this a widening gyre of gesture, absurdity, battle ballet, metaphysical elusion, and political in-fighting emerged. Detail nearly drowning sense and purpose. Helped by dream, a jade-eyed, black grimalkin of mixed purpose, a hesitant, self-righteous cabal, and his own rage he stalks a tableau of characters and elusive endgames which cross time, M-Theory, myth, folklore, eschatology, and the burdened air of revolutionary wrath and justice. Cosseting these is an exegetical, if suspicious, promise of redemption. The Seurat Construct is Book I of ‘The Burdened Air’. This is followed by The Dog Particle, Book II and conclusion of ‘The Burdened Air’.
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Wellhauser, David

David S. Wellhauser was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Mr. Wellhauser acquired both a Bachelor's and a Master's from the University of Guelph (English Literature). Over the years the author has lived and worked in many countries and travelled in many others. Presently he is an Assistant Professor, in the Department of Liberal Education, at Keimyung University, Daegu, The Republic of Korea. Mr. Wellhauser has lived in East Asia for many years.