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Chloé and her long time friends Antoine and Juliette are single and happy to stay that way. They even go so far as to create their own Single Person’s Manifesto, in which they explicitly vow to “be and remain unmarried.” They have happy, fulfilled lives, after all. Then, without warning, Chloé betrays the friends’ solemn pact by deciding to head off in search of true love.
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Cornelio, Dawn

Dawn Cornelio is an Associate Professor and Head of French Studies at the University of Guelph. She has published numerous brief literary translations in Sites, along with Jean-Michel Maulpoix’s collection of poetry Monologue de l’encrier/The Inkwell’s Monologue. Her research interests include both the theory and practice of literary translation and contemporary French women’s writing. Since January 2009, she has been the editor of Women in French Studies. Dawn enjoys reading contemporary French and Francophone fiction, and having the opportunity to work with texts and writers to bring them into English.