Only pack what you can carry : my path to inner strength, confidence, and true self-knowledge

Magnetically written by former CEO of a North Carolina Girl Scout Council and award winning CEO for the Western New York chapter of a national arts-in-education organization, this uniquely engaging travel journal describes four keys to unlocking personal and spiritual fulfillment: solitude, introspection, courage, and commitment. Through a series of compelling travel essays and deeply thoughtful memoirs, Janice Booth draws readers into each adventure—ranging from a solo hike through Northern California to galloping across the fields of Ireland to a short stint with the Circus Arts learning the flying trapeze—and shares her secrets to a fuller life through traveling alone. Step by step, she demonstrates why leaving everything—and everyone—behind for a few days (or more!) is the best path to inner strength, confidence, and true self-knowledge.
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Booth, Janice Holly

A former award-winning non-profit CEO, Canadian-born Janice Holly Booth (MA, Leadership) is now a full-time Speaker/Writer/Adventurista living in North Carolina. Her writing and presentations focus on fear, risk-taking, and the transformative power of embracing both. She is the author of Only Pack What You Can Carry (National Geographic, 2011) a guide to achieving personal growth through solo adventure travel.