No more bystanders = No more bullies : activating action in educational professionals

This is a book written by a school administrator for school administrators to try to make the overwhelming topic of bullying, which we deal with on a daily basis, more manageable. The book is designed to give administrators tangible actions they can implement with their staff to be proactive rather than reactive to school bullying. Unlike traditional books on bullying which have focused on educating the students, this book focuses on educating the educators about bullying and bystanderism. Bystanderism is a phenomenon where people stand idly by when bullying occurs, sometimes ignoring bullying, sometimes not recognizing bullying. Built around a 7-step framework for action, this book will help administrators develop a deeper understanding of the elements of bullying through framing the ideas in the larger realm of social sciences while at the same time providing them with tangible actions designed to address the seven stages of the bystander decision making cycle for schools
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Anderson, Shona

Shona Anderson dreamed of being a writer her entire life. Her dream came true with the release of her first book, co-published by OPC and Corwin Press, No More Bystanders = No More Bullies in 2011. Her first fiction book, The Cow Pie Gang: The Ghost of Lizards Rock was published in 2012. Books 2 and 3 of the series, The Cow Pie Gang: Letters to Allie and The Cow Pie Gang: Secrets, were released in 2013. Shona released the first book in her tween science fiction series, PURE, in 2014.