Modern soil microbiology

In the ten years since the publication of Modern Soil Microbiology,the study of soil microbiology has significantly changed, both in the understanding of the diversity and function of soil microbial communities and in research methods. Completely revised and rewritten by international experts, this second edition provides a broad, cutting-edge examination of a fascinating discipline that encompasses ecology, physiology, genetics, molecular biology, and biotechnology, and makes use of biochemical and biophysical approaches. The chapters cover topics ranging from the fundamental to the applied, and describe the use of advanced methods that have provided a great thrust to the discipline of soil microbiology. Using the latest molecular analyses, they integrate principles of soil microbiology with novel insights into the physiology of soil microorganisms. The authors discuss the soil and rhizosphere as habitats for microorganisms, then go on to describe the different microbial groups, their adaptive responses, and their respective processes in interactive and functional terms. The book highlights a range of applied aspects of soil microbiology, including the nature of disease-suppressive soils, the use of biological control agents, biopesticides and bioremediation agents, and the need for correct statistics and experimentation in the analyses of the data obtained from soil systems.
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Trevors, Jack

Jack Thomas Trevors is Professor of Microbiology and Environmental Biology in the Department of Environmental Biology. Professor Trevors is a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology, The Linnean Society, World Academy of Arts and Sciences, World Innovation Foundation and The Institute of Biology of the UK. He is also an Academic and Research Microbiologist (ARMCCM) of the Canadian College of Microbiology. Professor Trevors is an editor of The Journal of Microbiological Methods and Antonie van Leeuwenhoek. He is also the Editor-in-chief of Water, Air and Soil Pollution, Water, Air and Soil Pollution:FOCUS and co-editor –in-chief of The Environmentalist and The Environmental Pollution Book Series. His research includes the origin of genetic instructions, gene transfer in bacteria, soil bioremediation, gene expression in soil, pathogens in the environment, cytoplasmic membrane polarization in bacteria and applications of molecular and biophysical methods in soil bacteriology. He has published over 300 articles in these above areas.