Missedconceptions : a murder mystery

Pregnancy is usually a happy event filled with hope and love. But for some, pregnancy does not come easily. In Canada, one out of every six couples experiences difficulty conceiving. For these men and women who desperately want a child, pregnancy is difficult. Their infertility becomes an emotional and an expensive crisis. Lissa and Jared are one such couple. At age 37, Lissa, a beautiful ex-model, decides to conceive her ‘trophy baby.’ But a normal pregnancy just doesn’t happen. She and her Jared, try everything, and finally travel from their home in Seattle to a skilled fertility expert in Vancouver. On other continents, two women have an opposite problem: unplanned, and very unwanted pregnancies. Aging versus raging hormones, forbidden sexual attraction, schooling and cultural taboos affect these three women’s sexual decision-making. When Lissa’s fertility specialist is suddenly murdered, she and Jared become suspects. Murder complicates their normal battle between the sexes as they try to produce a perfect baby. As the police attempt to find the killer, they are hampered by their discomfort in dealing with reproductive issues. Blindly, the police miss the fact that the good doctor’s murder is truly a crime of passion. Who killed the good ‘doc?’ And much more important, ‘why?’
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Redmond, Marcia

With a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in Human Sexuality, Marcia has worked as a college teacher, sexual health counselor, public health nurse and health educator in the United States and Canada. Marcia is a firm believer in ‘edu-tainment.’ Whether teaching or individually counseling, she presents sensitive sexuality topics in an interesting, yet non-threatening way. If she can decrease stress while educating, Marcia has reached her goal.For three years, Mrs. Redmond wrote “Sexually Speaking,” a newspaper column in which she answered questions from the community. Marcia has also published four articles on sexual health issues, two of which focus on male sexual attitudes. This is her second book.