Midwives to our selves

Midwives to our selves
These poems are a cooperative effort. The women whose stories are the foundations of these poems are all friends of mine, some are fairly new discoveries while other reach back over thirty years. The journey from friendship to poem started with some soul-searching questions and then a cup of tea. I let their words roam around in the creative part of my brain for a while then spent time in labour before I shared my infant poem with these generous women. They told me where they felt I had successfully captured their stories and where I missed the point, and the journey continued. This book is a result of those shared labours. The women ranged from their early sixties to eight-three.
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Edgecombe, Kathryn

Kathryn Edgecombe quit teaching elementary school so she could indulge her life-long passion for the written word. She has published one press book and two chapbooks of poetry. Somewhere hidden in her desk is an autobiography in short stories, but it is a novel which is getting her attention these days. Kathryn has had short stories as well as poetry published in journals, magazines and anthologies.