Last chance for mankind : a road map for survival

We are constantly bombarded with bleak messages about the way our lifestyle is damaging the planet - global warming, melting icecaps, flooding, deteriorating weather, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, etc. - and warned that we must, as a species, do something about our hedonistic behaviour. Yet nobody has so far taken the next logical step, an examination of just what it will cost us to do so. In this book, the current situation is summarised, with a brief description of how we reached it and of the inadequate steps we are taking to rectify it, followed by details of the revolutionary changes we need to make and the enormous personal costs we will have to pay if we hope to enjoy a successful future on earth.
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Slater, Keith

Keith Slater, Professor Emeritus in Engineering, has published 18 text books and about 350 scientific articles, and presented 150 conference papers in many parts of the world. He is a recipient of the Warner Medal, the world's most prestigious award for published textile research, and holds six patents. His extramural writing includes six novels, over 100 short stories and 25 plays. He has been director or actor in about 150 productions, and has served in an administrative or technical capacity in a dozen local or international textile or theatrical organisations.