Struggling with grief and loneliness after losing his wife in a tragic accident, Jonah Smithers, an English teacher at Fern Hill Penitentiary, finds that his students' fortunes make them kindred spirits. But one day a charismatic inmate walks into Jonah's class who seems strangely out of place. Seymour Shields is serving time for threatening the life of a Hells Angel, but he's an intellectual, a gifted writer. When Jonah comes across a photo of Seymour's beautiful wife, Kate, his curiosity about her and her enigmatic husband becomes an obsession. As the dark truth about Seymour emerges, Jonah is drawn into a terrifying web of dupicity and deceit from which there is no apparent escape. Incarceration follows Jonah's journey--a test of strength and loyalty that will take him from the razor-wire of Fern Hill to the hidden reefs of georgian Bay and beyond.
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Field, M.G.

Born and raised in Toronto, Michael George Field attended the University of Guelph, completing a B.A. and an M.A. in Philosophy. He later received a B.Ed from the University of Toronto. During the course of a varied teaching career, he has published more than a dozen articles, stories and poems. Since 2006, he has been a teacher and guidance counsellor at a federal penitentiary in Gravenhurst, Ontario. Incarceration is his first novel.