Ice-marginal and periglacial processes and sediments

This volume presents a number of papers that relate to both current and ancient ice-marginal and cold climate environments. Studies of their sediments, weathering and transportation processes contribute to an understanding of the cryosphere. The cryosphere includes Earth’s surface areas that experience one or more of the following: snow cover, sea ice, glaciers, perennial and seasonal frost (Fig. 1). Here, we are concerned with the sediments and weathering processes that occur in the environments that are immediately adjacent to glaciers as well as the frost-dominated environments that characterize cold-climate settings in general. We include contributions that involve not only present-day cases but also those that occurred in the Pleistocene and, in minor measure, the more ancient geological past. In addition, and in anticipation of the future, we include a paper that summarizes recent progress in planetary (Martian) observations.
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Martini, I. Peter

Geologist, specialized in Sedimentology and Glacial Geology. Traveled worldwide. Interested in the study of Pleistocene Geology of Southern Ontario, in the coastal and wetland ecosystems of the Hudson Bay Lowland (ON), cold climate coal of Gondwanaland (Brazil, S. Africa and Australia), Geological Formation of the Apennines Mountains (Italy) ... and others. Published numerous papers in reviews journals, several edited books and a textbook on Glacial Geology. Taught several courses at Guelph including First Year Geology, then Sedimentology, Glacial Geology, Environmental Earth Science... Supervised 20 graduate students.