Hitchhiker's guide to statistics in plant biology

This book is a product of Dr. Bowley’s many years of counseling graduate students and fellow research scientists on the design of experiments and data analysis. Typically, students view statistics as a necessary evil: a course they must take because either their advisory committee or the graduate program has prescribed it . And yet, it is a subject area that is fundamental to their current and future research. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Statistics in Plant Biology was written to serve as a general reference for researchers in plant biology, and to provide a foundation for more advanced study. Worked examples have been provided for the various designs and methods of analysis. The examples were chosen to reinforce the basic principles, detail the methods of analysis, indicate how the assumptions can be tested, and demonstrate how the results can be interpreted. Historical vignettes have also been included throughout the text to give a human dimension and context to key statistical developments.
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Bowley, Stephen

Stephen Bowley is an Associate Professor in the Department of Plant Agriculture at the University of Guelph. His research area is the genetic improvement of perennial forage crop species with emphasis on improving herbage yield and tolerance to environmental stress in alfalfa using conventional and biotechnology approaches. Stephen is also Assistant Director, Catalyst Centre, Office of Research, University of Guelph. In that capacity he helps manage the University’s plant germplasm intellectual property, including licensing, technology option, transfer, and allied agreements.