Georgian Bay jewel : the Killarney story

Georgian Bay jewel
This book addresses the beauty and historical significance of northern Georgian Bay. People who have experienced, or may plan to travel through the coastal islands and North Channel, visit eastern Manitoulin, the village of Killarney or explore Killarney Park will be interested in learning about the richness of its history. The many lovers of Georgian Bay will enjoy reading this story that in many ways reflects patterns evident in the opening up of Canada. The author delves into the ancient and complex geology which results in the extraordinary beauty of the area; the politically charged archaeological excavations that demonstrate the area to have had civilization as old as any in North America; early native settlement and the treaties leading to today’s challenges over ownership of the islands on Georgian Bay; the rise and demise of commercial fishing and lumbering; the expansion of tourism and the parks movement in Ontario in relation to Killarney Provincial Park. (from the publisher's website).
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Derry, Margaret

Margaret Derry is a historian, an established artist, and a successful breeder of purebred cattle. All of these activities have played a role in her writing of books and articles on the breeding of animals, from a scientific, historical, artistic, and cultural point of view. She is concerned specifically with the interplay of these themes in purebred animal breeding. The interplay itself, philosophically speaking, has increasingly become her focus of study. She completed her Doctorate in History at the University of Toronto in 1997. She then embarked on a career of writing history. To date, Margaret has completed six books. Margaret is Adjunct Professor of History at the University of Guelph and Associated Scholar of the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto.