Geological record of neoproterozoic glaciations

Geological record of neoproterozoic glaciations
This Memoir is a comprehensive synthesis of the geological record and study of Neoproterozoic glaciations. The volume provides a combination of interdisciplinary reviews of Neoproterozoic sedimentary successions worldwide and overviews of the data, models, and techniques that are used to interpret their number, extent, severity, and connection to the evolving Earth system.
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Arnaud, Emmanuelle

Emmanuelle Arnaud is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Environmental Sciences. She is a glacial geologist with expertise in the field-based analysis of glacial sediments and sedimentary rocks in Canada, Norway, Scotland, and Alaska. Her research is focused on identifying physical sedimentary characteristics to reconstruct past glaciations and to document and predict the nature and extent of these glacial deposits for various environmental and groundwater resource management applications.