A dip at the Sangam

A dip at the Sangam
In this book you discover how sugar—white gold—changed the world and how coolie indentureship replaced slavery through trickery and kidnapping. Against the backdrop of plantation life, the reader is lured into a world of intrigue, adventure and romance. Caught up in the grand scheme of things, thugs snatch Raja away from his pretty wife and herd him to join the hundreds of thousands before and after him onto a sailing ship, formerly used to transport slaves, in Calcutta headed to the distant colony of British Guiana. The year is 1869. He toils in the cane field under brutal conditions and is often beaten to extract the maximum amount of work for a pittance. Amidst this hardship, he falls in love with the beautiful Jasmine, but in the end forsakes her for the wife that is waiting for him in the old country. When the British fail to return Raja to his homeland, he makes good as a free man in the new colony. In his old age he finds his way to his ancestral home in India but is unable to reconcile completely with his Indian family, especially his former wife. Dejected, he realizes that he no longer fitted in with the old India, so much had he changed. Besides, he had become a worldly man.
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Lachmansingh, Reuben

Reuben Lachmansingh is a graduate in Biology of the University of Toronto and an Honorary Companion of the University of Guelph. He is a specialist in biology from the Ontario College of Education and a graduate of the Winghill and Humber Schools of Creative Writing. He’s worked as a civil servant, science teacher, award-winning motelier, and entrepreneur. In his free time, he has travelled the world, practiced Taekwondo and played in league as well as Oldies International cricket tournaments, earning medals.