Decentre : concerning artist-run culture = à propos de centres d'artistes.

Decentre : concerning artist-run culture = à propos de centres d'artistes.
Decentre is a book about artist-run culture that hopes to describe the breadth and quality of artist-initiated programs, projects and events, the issues we face in this milieu and how effectively we deal with them, that aims to both celebrate artist-run culture and demonstrate the vital role artist-initiated activity plays in the larger cultural scene. A group of us working in the artist-run milieu instigated what we hope will become a wide-ranging discussion. Many people contributed short texts about the things they feel are most interesting about artist-run culture, the issues we face and the future.
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Chang, Elaine

Elaine Chang's recent and forthcoming publications include the anthology, Reel Asian: Asian Canada on Screen (Toronto: Coach House Books, 2007); a cycle of poems appearing in Han Kut: Critical Art and Writing by Korean Canadian Women (Toronto: Inanna Press, 2007); and another anthology, decentre: concerning artist-run culture | a propos des centres d’artistes (forthcoming from YYZ Press). Dr. Chang has received the University of Guelph Central Student Association Award for Teaching Excellence (2004) and grants and fellowships from the Canada Council for the Arts, Mellon Foundation, and the Center for the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture. With co-writer Michael Capellupo and support from Telefilm Canada (Writer’s First), she is also currently writing “The Good Brother,” a feature-length screenplay set in Vancouver’s Chinatown.