Cow pie gang & letters to Allie

Cow pie gang & letters to Allie
Special letters from Allie's mom bring her to tears as she discovers a new connection through a box of beautiful and heartfelt letters. A new girl moves to Tiny with an imaginable secret. A Halloween birthday celebration brings relationships to a head. To save their friendships and set things right Kati and Allie will have to have the courage to trust in their friendship like never before. Whether it be Truth or Dare, letters for Allie's mom or being a member of the Cow Pie Gang, life in Tiny is anything but boring for Allie and the others. Get ready to laugh, cry and fall in love as Allie and Kati continue to figure out the trials and tribulations of being tweens.
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Anderson, Shona

Shona Anderson dreamed of being a writer her entire life. Her dream came true with the release of her first book, co-published by OPC and Corwin Press, No More Bystanders = No More Bullies in 2011. Her first fiction book, The Cow Pie Gang: The Ghost of Lizards Rock was published in 2012. Books 2 and 3 of the series, The Cow Pie Gang: Letters to Allie and The Cow Pie Gang: Secrets, were released in 2013. Shona released the first book in her tween science fiction series, PURE, in 2014.