Brown dwarf

Brown dwarf
When Brenda Bray, better known to the world as Rae Brand, author of a popular mystery series, returns home to Hamilton, she is beset by vivid memories of the autumn of 1962 when she struck up an intense friendship with a classmate, and together they sought to track and catch an escaped serial killer. Brenda and Jori search for this murderer, their friendhsip twisting, becoming tautly fantastic and pre-adolescently sexual, eventually resulting in tragedy. As the story of those weeks unravel, Brenda/Rae realizes she must finally face up to her past if she is going to discover any peace.
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Miller, K. D.

K.D. Miller’s stories and essays have appeared in a variety of Canadian literary magazines, and her work has been broadcast by the CBC. She has published four collections of stories, an essay collection and a novel. She is a founding member and Editor of Red Claw Press.