Baker's bad boys

Baker's Bad Boys
First in the series - with many more to come. Satire, childhood, and never growing up. Focus on family, traditional values, character and its development despite those values being crossed as children. Enjoy it all again.
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Baker, Dean

Dean J. Baker is the author of The Herald,Baker’s Bad Boys, Silence Louder Than A Train, The Mythologies Of Love, The Lost Neighborhood. A singer/songwriter who also performs his own songs, he is an unparalleled and in demand public reader of his work. Passionate about poetry and literature of the ages, he is at work on a new book, and songs. A poet of whom, Irving Layton, deemed "Canada's greatest poet" by Leonard Cohen, has said, "Dean is a combination of thought and torment that has made him write more than a baker’s dozen of fine poems.. he might produce a collection that could astound us all.” – Irving Layton