Agrogeology : the use of rocks for crops

This text book, Agrogeology: the use of rocks for crops, covers the interdisciplinary and applied science of agrogeology: geological science in the service of agriculture. It brings together knowledge of the pathways of plant nutrients from rocks to soils to crops. This monograph is for all who want to learn more about the geological sources of plant nutrients for fertilizer materials and soil amendments. It provides comprehensive information on the nutrient continuum rocks-soils-crops and forms the basis for practical applications of agrominerals and rocks in integrated nutrient management practices. Agrogeology brings together researchers and practitioners from soil science, geology, engineering, and rural extension to try and find practical solutions to reduce soil nutrient depletion and soil degradation. Agrogeology: the use of rocks for crops is organized into 10 chapters and covers aspects of weathering of rocks and minerals and the geology and agricultural use of N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg bearing minerals and 8 micronutrients. It also provides information on the use of whole rock fertilizers, and on minerals and rocks as physical components in growth media for horticulture and floriculture, such as vermiculite, perlite, pumice and zeolite.
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van Straaten, Peter

In 1974 Dr. van Straaten completed a Ph.D. in classical ‘hard rock’ geology. He did field work in Uganda from 1975-1984. He then worked for United Nations projects in East Africa from 1985-2003. He has been project coordinator at UofG: agrogeology, environmental geology projects worldwide. Since 2001 he is Associate Professor, teaching undergraduate courses, supervising graduate students from Africa, Asia, and Canada. He has over 25 years R&D experience in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and South America. Publications: include 2 books, over 30 refereed papers.