Celebrated Books

Bacteriophages in the Control of Food- and Waterborne Pathogens
Bad Acting Teachers
Baker's Bad Boys
Baroque Music
Barry, Boyhound
Bernard Shaw and the BBC
Best Place on Earth
Between Forest and Sky
Beyond Literacy
Beyond Suffering
Biochemistry and function of antifreeze proteins
Biographical dictionary of Scottish women
Biotic forest communities of Ontario
Birds A to Z
Black alley
Blackness and modernity
Bleeding light
Blitzkrieg and jitterbugs
Blythes are quoted
Body heat
Bottle rocket hearts
Boundary road
Boys in the trees
Breakout dinosaurs
Broadview anthology of British literature
Broadview anthology of social and political thought
Shakespeare's mine
Brother dumb
Sex, love and prostitution in turn-of-the-century German-language drama
Brown dwarf
Seventeen trees
Seurat Construct